What makes humans Unique?
As humans, we have a strong desire to define our human journey by marking special events and important occasions. 

Everlasting Memorable Experiences give us fulfillment.
Gone are the days of the institutionalized 'one size fits all'.

You can now Celebrate Love and Life Your Way!

You may already have a dream of your perfect Ceremony and decided on vows or poetry and music and want it realized.
Of course, I would be honored.

Or perhaps you would like some inspiration?
Whatever shakes your tailfeather, traditional, classic, cultural, fun, or something completely off the wall!​

Your Ceremony experience may be as Solemn
or as  'Ooh La La' as you wish it!

I am here to manifest  your story  and make it an unforgettable


SUNRISE SUNSET CIVIL CEREMONIES supports the Equality Act 2010 and is committed to treating All human beings fairly as Each and Every One of us have Human rights.

As humanists, we support the right of every person to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be allowed to speak, and believe, as they wish