Elopements and Intimate Weddings TRENDING 2021

So looks like a huge wedding may not be possible for the unforeseen future, so what are the alternatives?

Well the bonus is it can be done much more affordably!

And Ah! The romance of an intimate wedding, saving money on a lavish venue means you can have the ceremony of your fantasies.

So if you really dream of a Steampunk Theme, Woodland Fantasy, Enchanted Fairy tale, Gothic Romance, this is Your Time to Shine!

Imagine! A Ceremonial Alter of your wildest fantasies!

(I do recommend hiring supplies to keep our carbon footprint down)

Lots of amazing new groovacious ideas!

Backdrops are a great feature for photo opportunities and can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Loving this very quirky unusual Time Traveller/Storybook Romance Background.

Country Alter doubles as a Shabby Chic Backdrop

More popular than ever are Micro Weddings, inviting your nearest and dearest. Living in modern day technology

You also have the choice of Having your Ceremony Live on Zoom/Skype/Messenger Online so your extended friends and family can be there with you!💕

Have a look at my next Blog giving you tips...🎈🎈💕