So You Want to Live Stream Your Wedding...

Couples have been live-streaming their weddings for years, but love in the time of Coronavirus takes this concept to whole new realms. Some couples have postponed their 2020 weddings while others are embracing a digital ceremony.

Live streaming wedding tips

  • Video quality is contingent on the camera, your internet connection, and the service you're using. Some of the services only let you stream at a certain quality on their free plan. Play around with some different options to see what works best for you.

  • Make sure your virtual attendees know how to get to the page where you'll be streaming the wedding. Decide how you'll share the link with them: email, Facebook update, via a guest list app, etc.

  • Have someone monitoring the chat, muting when needed, and answering tech questions, so you don't have to play IT helpdesk at your ceremony. Plan to backup the video to a site like YouTube just in case someone gets disconnected or there are technical issues.

  • If you're doing a public stream on social media, watch out for copyrighted music that could get your stream blocked. Consider having someone mute the mic on the device during the music.

  • Password protect your stream if you're concerned about privacy or security issues (which have been a problem with some video conferencing sites).

  • Give all of your guests time to test the setup prior to the event starting. Remember that some of these options necessitate an account ahead of time. Make sure your virtual attendees have this set up before the day-of.

  • Have everyone grab a drink to share a toast if you want some guest involvement. If there's time before your wedding, consider sending a care package to your guests beforehand.

  • Charge the device you'll be using and make sure the internet works and that you have enough data, if not using WIFI or a direct connection.

  • Disable any sleep mode or screensaver functions on the device.

  • If you're using a laptop at an in-person ceremony, you could save a seat for it.

  • Obvious advice is obvious: test your setup multiple times to make sure it works, and to learn to troubleshoot any mishaps that could occur.

A perfect way to include everyone!đź’•

In this way YOU will Not have to Cancel or Postpone!

Some of your guests who are at High Risk (Coronavirus) will be able to celebrate with YOU!

Your Ceremony will be historical! Married Live Stream through the Pandemic! What a story!đź’•

Not only saving you thousands of pounds but also saved the Earth, minimising the carbon footprint