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    • So You Want to Live Stream Your Wedding...

      Couples have been live-streaming their weddings for years, but love in the time of Coronavirus takes this concept to whole new realms. Some couples have postponed their 2020 weddings while others are embracing a digital ceremony. Live streaming wedding tips Video quality is contingent on the camera, your internet connection, and the service you're using. Some of the services only let you stream at a certain quality on their free plan. Play around with some different options to see what works best for you. Make sure your virtual attendees know how to get to the page where you'll be streaming the wedding. Decide how you'll share the link with them: email, Facebook update, via a guest list app, etc. Have someone monitoring the chat, muting when needed, and answering tech questions, so you don't have to play IT helpdesk at your ceremony. Plan to backup the video to a site like YouTube just in case someone gets disconnected or there are technical issues. If you're doing a public stream on social media, watch out for copyrighted music that could get your stream blocked. Consider having someone mute the mic on the device during the music. Password protect your stream if you're concerned about privacy or security issues (which have been a problem with some video conferencing sites). Give all of your guests time to test the setup prior to the event starting. Remember that some of these options necessitate an account ahead of time. Make sure your virtual attendees have this set up before the day-of. Have everyone grab a drink to share a toast if you want some guest involvement. If there's time before your wedding, consider sending a care package to your guests beforehand. Charge the device you'll be using and make sure the internet works and that you have enough data, if not using WIFI or a direct connection. Disable any sleep mode or screensaver functions on the device. If you're using a laptop at an in-person ceremony, you could save a seat for it. Obvious advice is obvious: test your setup multiple times to make sure it works, and to learn to troubleshoot any mishaps that could occur. A perfect way to include everyone!πŸ’• In this way YOU will Not have to Cancel or Postpone! Some of your guests who are at High Risk (Coronavirus) will be able to celebrate with YOU! Your Ceremony will be historical! Married Live Stream through the Pandemic! What a story!πŸ’• Not only saving you thousands of pounds but also saved the Earth, minimising the carbon footprint

    • Elopements and Intimate Weddings TRENDING 2021

      So looks like a huge wedding may not be possible for the unforeseen future, so what are the alternatives? Well the bonus is it can be done much more affordably! And Ah! The romance of an intimate wedding, saving money on a lavish venue means you can have the ceremony of your fantasies. So if you really dream of a Steampunk Theme, Woodland Fantasy, Enchanted Fairy tale, Gothic Romance, this is Your Time to Shine! Imagine! A Ceremonial Alter of your wildest fantasies! (I do recommend hiring supplies to keep our carbon footprint down) Lots of amazing new groovacious ideas! Backdrops are a great feature for photo opportunities and can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Loving this very quirky unusual Time Traveller/Storybook Romance Background. Country Alter doubles as a Shabby Chic Backdrop More popular than ever are Micro Weddings, inviting your nearest and dearest. Living in modern day technology You also have the choice of Having your Ceremony Live on Zoom/Skype/Messenger Online so your extended friends and family can be there with you!πŸ’• Have a look at my next Blog giving you tips...πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸ’•

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    • Award Winning Professional, Public Speaker, Ceremony Creator,Welcome SUNRISE SUNSET CEREMONIES.CO.UK/blog

      WELCOME ​ What makes humans Unique? As humans, we have a strong desire to define our human journey by marking special events and important occasions. Everlasting Memorable Experiences give us fulfillment. Gone are the days of the institutionalized 'one size fits all'. You can now Celebrate Love and Life Your Way! You may already have a dream of your perfect Ceremony and decided on vows or poetry and music and want it realized. Of course, I would be honored. Or perhaps you would like some inspiration? Whatever shakes your tailfeather, traditional, classic, cultural, fun, or something completely off the wall!​ Your Ceremony experience may be as Solemn or as 'Ooh La La' as you wish it! ​ I am here to manifest your story and make it an unforgettable Epic. ​ ​ ​ SUNRISE SUNSET CIVIL CEREMONIES supports the Equality Act 2010 and is committed to treating All human beings fairly as Each and Every One of us have Human rights. ​ As humanists, we support the right of every person to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be allowed to speak, and believe, as they wish ❀ Call Us


      ABOUT ME CIRCLE OF LIFE CELEBRANT *CEREMONY DESIGNER *SPEECHWRITER *HUMANIST *DEMENTIA CHAMPION *MEMORIAL TRIBUTE & EULOGY CONDUCTOR *STAGE PERFORMER *FAMILY ENTERTAINER *STORYTELLER MONTESSORI TEACHER *SHORT FILM AWARD WINNER FOR ACTRESS & PRODUCER **HOLISTIC THERAPIST *BURLESQUE CHOREOGRAPHER & PERFORMER *FORMER RADIO DJ 'MELODY RADIO 103FM'(Cyprus) From a background in Travel, beginning on 5* Cruise Ships and marrying that with Entertainment,I am most grateful for having the opportunity to have had adventures requiring my creativity. Taking my client's stories and tales as my Muse and sprinkling 'feel good' magic as I take the audience on a thrilling journey. The opportunity of producing and presenting family entertainment, hosting themed events, and special occasions. Giving you 'Your Moment'. Conducting memorials, dedicating tributes, hosting special occasions here in the United Kingdom and Beyond... Never has my passion for a Clients 'Memorable Experience' ever been dulled!❀ I am privileged to dedicate wholly, to manifest and customize a Ceremony tailored to your desire, Your Individuality, Your incomparable, UNPARALLELED UNIQUENESS. Call Your Fairy Godmother Now... Just a Message Away...


      EVENT SERVICES Before manifesting your ceremony, meeting virtually if face to face is not possible when it is convenient for you. This is where we define and establish your ceremony type , Classic, poetic, musical, theatrical or themed. Don't be alarmed, it is very easy going and there are lots of ideas and ways of personalising your ceremony. Whatever the Ceremony, there are so many details in your own story that we will explore. ​ Each Ceremony has a tailor-made questionnaire which becomes the foundation of the Ceremony Story Script that is provided. After the initial consultation, I will return withan epic script! If you want to proceed, we make changes if you see fit and a deposit is required to secure the Date and Time ❀ A no obligation friendly and informal chat, at your convenience, you will find it is like we have known each other for years. This is going to be Your Moment and this is where the experience starts! CEREMONIES Whatever the circumstances, I am here to make your event extra special. This service will help create a wonderful and uniquely unforgettable experience for You and Your Guests! ​ ​ We will cover everything, so You do not have to worry about it. Don't Fret! I will also give you some illustrated information regards creating a Ceremony that is meaningful. There are for example rituals and traditions that may inspire you. Jumping The Broom!Lighting Unity Candles, Tying The Knot Planting A Tree, Surprises and tributes, audience participation. ​ ​ These beautiful symbolic rituals add magic to starting Your Story together and creating an awesome atmosphere. Will there be Music during the Ceremony, a sonnet, a serenade? Will family members like to get involved? We will cover all everything ​ ​ . Then I will get Creating an Epic Movie Style Story to thrill! Between the first consultation and Your Day, you have me at your disposal to go over and make changes as you like, it is Your Day. We will even rehearse to ensure a seamless experience so You can be in the moment! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitment & Engagement from Β£395 includes Consultation, Briefing, Rehearsal and a Bespoke Certificate ❀ ​ ​ *Weddings *Elopement * Commitment Vow *Vow Renewal *Engagement's Fairy Godmother Blessing's *Baby Naming Blessing *Adoption Blessing's Fairy Godmother Blessing's *Baby Naming Blessing *Adoption Blessing's This is a true Joy! Welcoming another miracle of human life. Definitely a Celebrating the beginning of The Circle Of Life. This is not a religious Christening, it is an alternative Naming Ceremony which is our Birthright. ​ This Ceremony again can involve some beautiful elements to give this New Life a Symbolic Welcome: ​ Time Capsule Seed Tree Planting Book of Blessings for your Guests to write a message for the Youngling. Video Blessings is another option. Wish Tree (Invite your guests to write promises, words of wisdom or good wishes on individual tags and then hang on a tree) And Lots More Customs & Pagan Rituals. ​ In an informal Consultation, where you can be relaxed we will explore your vision. I will give you a Questionnaire that will also give you food for thought and then i can go to work weaving my magic and creating unique blessings like a Fairy Godmother! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Naming's from Β£195 Include Consultations, Briefing, Rehearsal and a Bespoke Certificate ​ Heading 1 Funeral Ceremonies Memorials & Tributes Most of my experience has been Funeral Ceremonies, Memorials & Tributes. I do Love Life and I am naturally empathetic and there is a lot to be said how fragile life is. We are also privileged to have wonderous memories to give a personal farewell, grieving together and celebrating together by regaling stories that touched us. Trust me to take care of your event in the appropriate manner you would like see Your Loved One's have the send off they deserve. We establish on consultation your requirements regards music and poetry so that You can be present and in the moment. Memorials & Tributes may be held anywhere. There are no rules. Whether at the beach, in a park, woodland, hilltop, historical viewpoint or in your garden or home. This service is customized to the exact detail as You visualize it, so you don't have to worry about a thing on the day. ​ ​ You decide if you would like a photo presentation or perhaps share a family video, poetry, music, we will work together to take the pressure of you. We will Celebrate Life as solemn and seriously or as uplifting and humorous as you wish it, Celebrating Love and Life Your Way ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Funerals, Memorials & Tributes from Β£195 ​ Celebrating Goalposts! ​ *Special Birthday *Graduation *Award Ceremonies *Anniversaries*Corporate Promotion *Bon Voyage *Welcome Home *Retirement Truly marking a Special Occasion is Memory Making You can add an exciting Ceremonial Element to give your event class and drama! I guarantee your guests will be raving about the Event's Wow Factor afterwards, it will be the most talked about Ceremony ever! ❀ ​ ​ ​ ​ from Β£195 Include Consultations, Briefing, Rehearsal and a Bespoke Certificate Call Your Fairy Godmother Call Your Fairy Godmother

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